Study English & Find Jobs in the Philippines

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632-374-1806 (for residents of other countries/regions)


About Application

Q: How many days prior to enrollment should I apply for the program?

A: We recommend you to apply at least one month prior to the start of the program. Nevertheless, you may join the program depending on the room availability even if you apply for the program within one month from the start date. Please feel free to contact us for the availability information.

Q: What is the minimum period of the program?

A: We can offer the program for three-night stay at the shortest.

Q: I'm very interested in the career support service by J-K Network Manpower Services. Can you say what percentage of the students can get a job through this service?

A: Although it entirely depends on the person, we can say that about 70% of our students can get a job offer if English levels above the Everyday Conversation Level are acquired.

Q: Should I avail traveler's insurance?

A: Yes, we ask all our students to avail traveler's insurance regardless of the program period.

About the School and Program Contents

Q: Can I join the program if I cannot speak English at all now?

A: Yes, there is no problem at all. Many of our students are at the elementary level at the time of enrollment, but they finally understand English at the end of our program.

Q: As for the free career support service, can you offer job opportunities in countries other than the Philippines?

A: No. As of now, we can offer job opportunities only from global enterprises (foreign-affiliated/Japanese) in the Philippines.

Q: Are your instructors all Filipinos?

A: Yes. Our instructors are all Filipinos trained and qualified for professional English education.

Q: Can I customize the lessons?

A: Yes, our lesson programs are customizable. Please contact us for details.

Life in the Philippines

Q: I'm concerned about public security in the Philippines. Is it a safe place?

A: Both the school and dormitory are manned with security guards around the clock and the locations are in safe areas. So you may live at ease unless you leave the school/dormitory alone with no permission.

Q: Is there any available Internet access?

A: Yes, students may use Internet access free of charge both in the school building and dormitory.

Q: What kind of meals do you serve?

A: Mainly we serve Filipino meals, which are received well by many students. You can also be assured of the quality of rice. We always serve bread and fruits, too.

Q: Should we do cleaning and laundry ourselves?

A: There is dedicated staff for cleaning and laundry. Please ask them to do cleaning and laundry any time.

Q: How much cash should I bring to the Philippines? Can I use my credit card there?

A: Besides the other fees to be paid in the Philippines, 100 US$-200 US$ would be enough for spending for leisure. However, it depends on the person and desired activities (sightseeing, etc.). Many stores accept credit cards.

Q: Can I enjoy other activities such as sightseeing?

A: You may enjoy activities on Saturdays, Sundays and local holidays. For detailed information, please contact our local staff.

Q: Is the dormitory room single-occupancy, or shared?

A: We offer single, double, triple and quad dormitory rooms.
Private bathrooms are only available in single rooms. The rate varies among the room types. Anyway, our dormitory facilities are gorgeous both in appearance and functionality, so we believe you will be satisfied with it. (A swimming pool is open to students in the dormitory.)