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Our quality instructors provide easy-to-understand and in-depth lessons appropriate for students of various English levels and goals (objectives).

Everyday Conversation Course (for beginners)

The objectives of Elementary Conversation Course are to broaden students' perspectives and to acquire basic English skills, i.e. to speak English fluently. This course is recommended for those who:

  • want to speak with foreign friends in English;
  • want to communicate without trouble during overseas trips;
  • want to learn English and diverse value judgment;
  • are proficient in reading and writing in English but with limited practice of daily English conversation;
  • want to take care of, speak with or guide foreign visitors as an interpreter for Tokyo Olympics; and/or
  • have hardly been exposed to English (beginners).


Students practice speaking English with our instructors to be able to speak English rhythmically. Listening and speaking skills are both important in English conversation, so the focus of this course is to improve and enhance those skills. Also, students have opportunities to talk with each other to be undoubtedly more proactive in speaking English.

Business/Career/Career Switch Courses
(intermediate and advanced)

The primary objective of these courses is to acquire practical English skills that will help you succeed in your chosen career. This course is recommended for those who:

  • need to improve their English skills to get a desired job;
  • want to improve their English skills for practical needs in their current job;
  • want to be an active player in the international community;
  • want to get a job or switch career to apply their acquired English skills; and/or
  • seek a job after returning from a study-abroad or working holiday program.

With the network of the leading staff agency in the Philippines, we can offer career opportunities directly through the program.


We simulate practical business scenes in our conversation practice to develop students' ability to respond to instructor's questions spontaneously. We also provide training for successful job interviews. If desired, students have opportunities to give English presentations with instructions to make concise and easy-to-understand terminologies. Training for essential English skills for presentation at meetings and business negotiations is also provided.

Senior Course (for beginners)

We help retired senior people who want to enrich their post-retirement years by not only acquiring English conversational skills but also by living, playing and experiencing different cultures abroad. This course is recommended for those who:

  • want to learn English at their own pace;
  • want to have diverse experiences abroad beyond mere English conversation;
  • want to continue learning even after retirement;
  • plan or consider to live abroad and want to acquire English skills needed to obtain one's purpose; and/or
  • want to participate in Tokyo Olympics as a volunteer interpreter


Students can enhance their English speaking skills at their own pace. For those who have long been unexposed to English or not confident in speaking English, we will choose minimal necessary words, idioms, phrases and sentences that they will frequently use. For those who already have considerable skills, we will provide English conversational lessons based on their English level. Opportunities to interact with local community members and chances to gain cross-cultural experiences will also be provided, with abundant time reserved for sightseeing in selected spots.

TOEIC Course (for beginners and intermediate learners)

・A specifically designed course to improve TOEIC score
Based on the students' English level, we will set a practical goal together with the students' target and provide appropriate English lessons with suitable teaching approach. Learning sessions are specifically designed based on the TOEIC test format.
Unlike other courses, this course mainly focuses on enhancing one's listening and reading skills.

Customized Course
(for kids, parents and kids, and specialized purposes, etc.)

(For all English levels)

・We can offer customized programs for elementary school/junior high school/high school students, and parents-and-kids program.
・Specialized training for specific industries is also available.
 E.g. professional training for hotel, restaurant and retail/sales industries, etc.
・This is recommended for those who cannot choose from the regular courses.
Please let us know your desired course contents and then we will create and propose a personalized program for you.
You may also select and combine parts of other courses with desired schedule and contents.